The Project

The overall ambition of MFManufacturing is to increase the maturity of the microfluidic market and technology, along the lines of the development of the microelectronics field. This will result in new products better fitted technology wise and economically wise to the needs of the users, thereby strengthening the position of the European microfluidic industry.

In parallel with the evolution of the microelectronic industry, the project needs to enable the microfluidic industry to go from a “spider assembly” phase to a “PCB”-like phase, for instance by introducing the FCB: Fluidic Circuit Board.

This will enable easier integration and production of MF components across the complete chain of microfluidics actors, both industrial and academic.

Next to this, integration of non-microfluidic components such as semiconductor-based sensors, required for integrated microfluidics based solutions, will be facilitated.

A prerequisite to this is standardization at different levels.