Advisory Board

It is the intention of the MFManufacturing project to work in close cooperation with the microfluidic industry and the research community. Therefore we are very happy with the following  microfluidic experts to help us by giving us advice on technical and strategic issues.

MFmanufactruing advisory board:

Daniel Mark (HSG-IMIT)

Errol Harvey (Minifab)

Gabor Szirbik (ThalesNano)

Gerard Kriendl (EV group)

Gert-Jan Burger (Qmicro)

Heimala Päivi (VTT)

Joost Lotters (Bronkhorst)

Julia Skov (DELTA)

Malcom Wilkinson (TFI)

Mark Tondra (Diagnostic Biosensors)

Nathalie Brandenberg (EPFL)

Paul Wright (DIBA)

Pu Chen (Standford)

Ren Heideman (LioniX)

Shun Yokotsuka (AGC Glass Europe)

Stéphanie Descroix (Institut Curie)

Thomas Bauer (Silex)

Tzannis Alexios (IMT)

Wim van der Hoeve (Tide Microfluidics)

Wingel Zhang (BYEC)