MFManufacturing is the European initiative for the standardization and manufacturability of complex micro-fluidic (MF) devices. The MFManufacturing project has been accepted by the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU), a public-private partnership focusing on nanoelectronics that brings together ENIAC Member/Dutch, French and United Kingdom States, the European Commission, and AENEAS (an association representing European R&D actors in this field).

The objective of the MFManufacturing project is to bring the manufacturing of microfluidic devices to the same level of maturity and industrialisation of electronic devices, enabling them to address more widely in the healthcare needs. Electronic devices, which have been on the market for many years, have benefited from the long going standardization of electronic components, and were therefore easily integrated in the production process of the major foundries.

The anticipated standardization in the microfluidics field – first of all aimed at strengthening Europe’s position – will focus on increasing maturity of both functional and fabrication process aspects:

  • Gain of maturity in MF functions focusing both on novel functional modules and their interoperability.
  • Gain of maturity in manufacturing process: focusing on a distributed pilot line, on novel hybrid integration processes and on increasing maturity of some selected manufacturing processes, which have a good short term commercial perspective.

This will have an effect on availability, reliability as well as accessibility and will result in device cost reduction and improved time-to market. These conditions will enable large scale uptake of microfluidic devices in the markets identified.